Pediatrics in Paradise Provider

Jaime Bimstein, FNP

Jaime Bimstein, FNP

Meet Jaime Bimstein, Your Compassionate Pediatric Care Provider

Jaime is a highly knowledgeable family nurse practitioner specializing in pediatric care.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Jaime earned his degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma. He began his career in pediatrics in Tijuana and Mexico City, focusing on intensive care and emergency medicine. After moving to San Diego with his family, Jaime continued his dedication to caring for infants and young children at Pediatrics in Paradise.

Jaime’s extensive experience in children’s health, along with his kindness and humility, has earned his patients’ and their families’ trust and confidence.

For compassionate and expert pediatric care, visit Pediatrics in Paradise, where Jaime and the team are dedicated to your child’s well-being.

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