Top 5 Reasons Children End Up in the Emergency Room During the Holidays

The holidays are always a busy time for families with small children. From shopping to cooking or even planning the family holiday party, there is never enough time to fit it all in. During that busy rush, we tend to forget things or become easily distracted by all the joys of the season. Today we wanted to share the top 5 reasons kids will end up in the emergency and how you can avoid them.

Swallowed the small stuff

One of the things we always hear about it small kids swallowing small toys. From holiday lights to small batteries kids love to put it in their mouth. We recommend you buy age-appropriate toys when picking out that Christmas gift for your kids. Also, pay attention to what family members have also purchased so you can be sure there are no small parts that might end up sending you to the ER.

Bumps and bruises from playing

Here is another top reason why you might be sitting in the ER instead of in front of your holiday tree. Kids love to run and play with their new gifts as soon as they get them open. Many times families will visit friends and family who also have kids, and they will love to run around the yard or through the house. Be sure to let your kids know not to run and pay attention to them if they go outside to play. Designate an older sibling to watch them or set a time limit for exciting outdoor adventures.

Fevers and Flu

The holidays are a time for friends and family and with all those hugs and kisses come the germs. Many people are reluctant to cancel their plans due to a cold, so they end up sharing more than the sugar cookies when enjoying the time with family. Be sure to pack your hand sanitizer and make sure your little ones are keeping their hands clean also. We also recommend you get the flu shot to help keep away that holiday bug that will put you at the ER instead of at the dinner table.

Allergic reactions

Food allergies are common during the holidays when people may eat party food that has hidden ingredients. For example, a lot of holiday foods contain hidden nuts. If you’re not sure what is in that special dish grandma brought then don’t eat it. Kids will also tend to sneak a treat here and there, and you might not see them enjoying something they should not be eating.

Cuts from opening boxes and packaging with knives

You know all that kid-proof packaging? We all know it is also adult-proof, as well? Many times the only way to set that new toy free is with the help of a razor or scissors. Never let your child open a package with a sharp object. Let them know to bring you the toy, and you will be happy to help them open it. Even adults will sometimes get careless and end up cutting themselves during the holiday. Stay safe, and you will avoid the unnecessary trip to the ER.

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